Product Development Team


Maureen Oakes, Product Manager

Maureen grew up in Maine, relocated to Boston for college and has been here for more than a decade working on a variety of public health and health communication issues. After completing a master’s degree at Harvard School of Public Health, she worked in product development at Practically Green (now WeSpire) and PatientsLikeMe, building online products to help people live healthier lives. She started at MeYou Health in January 2014 as the first Product Manager of the next generation of QuitNet, and helped manage the new Q’s redesign and relaunch for mobile.

Maureen is personally committed to smoking cessation as her grandmother was a lifelong smoker and was featured in a 1939 cigarette ad. She later died of lung cancer.

Outside of work you can find Maureen at yoga, reciting 90's hip-hop lyrics, eating guacamole, or (most likely) chasing her busy toddler.


Jon Zeppieri, Lead Engineer

When he was ten, Jon’s parents made the mistake of buying an Apple //c computer. In the years that followed, he rarely left the house, thus crushing their hopes that he would one day play left wing for the New Jersey Devils. When at last he tore himself away from the computer long enough to attend college, he took up philosophy at Boston University. (He stayed in Boston to taunt Patriots fans.)

It turns out that the actual practice of philosophy involves an awful lot of sitting in front of computers, and Jon was unable to sit at one for long without writing software, which is what he does here at MeYou Health. Jon comes to MeYou Health after working at a successful early web startup.


Scott Gardner, Front End Developer

Scott has lived in the greater Boston area for almost his entire life, except for a brief surfing sabbatical outside San Francisco in second grade. He attended Tufts University, where he studied computer science and philosophy, and played ultimate frisbee for the E-Men. He's been working in user interface development since graduating in 2012.

In his free time, Scott likes to ski (no moguls plz!), travel (Croatia in 2016!), and spend time outdoors. He also enjoys playing Dota 2 and his favorite hero to carry poorly with is Invoker.


Eugénie Olson, Head of Content

As MeYou Health’s Head of Content and health writer for QuitNet, Eugénie helped create the friendly tone of the new Q.

A native of New Jersey, Eugénie has been a New Englander since 1998, living in and around Boston. She brings 20 years of health communication experience to QuitNet. Before coming to MeYou Health, Eugénie worked for many years as a senior editor at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, where she created content for numerous quit-smoking programs. She has also done editorial turns at consumer health websites and

When not working, Eugénie enjoys creative writing (she has published three novels and two haiku books), baking, doing Zumba, and spending time with her family.


Coaching and Tobacco Treatment Team

Vikki C., Online Coach and Community Moderator

Vikki comes from an extensive exercise, fitness, and weight management background, and is a master certified tobacco treatment specialist with over 14 years in the field. Twelve of those years are right here at QuitNet! She is honored to be a part of each member's heartfelt journey to remain tobacco free.

When she's not on the Q, Vikki is riding her horses and caring for her pack of rescue pups. She has also written columns for several magazines and recently guest authored a chapter in a book about dog rescue and rehabilitation.


Bette Antonellis, Online Coach and Community Moderator

Bette has lived and worked on the South Shore of Massachusetts for over 25 years. She is a licensed practical nurse, master certified tobacco treatment specialist, and health educator.  In 2000, Bette co-founded a small business which specializes in health and safety programs for children and teens. She’s been described as “someone who knows how to make serious business interesting and fun”! Bette started working for QuitNet in 2006 and continues to enjoy her professional work helping people quit smoking and make healthier choices in their lives.

When she’s not working, Bette loves to spend time gardening, reading, showing off her culinary skills, and enjoying a good cup of cappuccino with family and friends in Boston’s North End.