New version of the iOS app is here!

Great news for everyone who takes QuitNet on the go: the newest version of the iOS app is here!

The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s really easy to find what matters most. The buttons for the feed, messages, notifications, and your profile are on the bottom of the screen, instead of hidden in a menu on the side.

We’ve also added search to the top of the screen, so you can search for posts and people just like you do on the web version of QuitNet. 

A lot of QuitNet members said they wished the app had a link to the Quit Q&A. You got it! Tap the “More” menu, and you’ll find a link to the Quit Q&A.

Finally, we know that earlier versions of the app caused problems for some members. This new version is designed to give us details about problems you might have so we can solve them much faster. Thanks for all your patience as we work to make the app better and better!

If you haven’t already tried it, download the free app now.