Husband and Wife Quit Smoking for Good: The Story of Michael and Jenny G.

If you’re a member of QuitNet, you’ll be familiar with Michael G. and Jenny G., the husband-and-wife duo responsible for the Eye Opener Pledge each morning. What you may not know is that these two have a long history of working alongside each other: first as high school students in the local grocery store, and many years later as they quit smoking together! In our brief interview, we learned more about what brought these two together, how they quit smoking, and the story behind the Eye Opener Pledge you see each day.

No Man's Land

If you’re early in your quit, you may someday find yourself in the midst of the proverbial “No Man’s Land.” Roughly marked as the period between the first and fourth months, many say this can be one of the most challenging times. As the thrill of making it past the first weeks ends, the support from family and friends may also wane. Yet some still experience cravings now and again, which can feel frustrating and defeating. Is there a way out of No Man’s Land?