No Man's Land

If you’re early in your quit, you may someday find yourself in the midst of the proverbial “No Man’s Land.” Roughly marked as the period between the first and fourth months, many say this can be one of the most challenging times. As the thrill of making it past the first weeks ends, the support from family and friends may also wane. Yet some still experience cravings now and again, which can feel frustrating and defeating. Is there a way out of No Man’s Land?

Never Quit Quitting

Today is the perfect day to let go of guilt, fear, and negative self-talk surrounding your quit. Be sure to focus on each of your daily quit successes, because they add up! Even if they didn’t last, former quits were great practice. Noting what was detrimental to your last quit is a good way to plan ahead for this time. You’ve had plenty of practice to make this quit your best – and last – quit ever.

The Emotional Element in Quitting Smoking

Have you ever tried to quit smoking only to find your emotional stability had gone haywire, making the challenge overwhelming? Did quitting make you so irritable and grouchy that family and friends avoided you, perhaps even encouraged you to smoke again? Were feelings of anxiety and depression reasons to relapse back to smoking? If you can relate to any of these questions, know that you are not alone, and that emotional swings are common in the early stages of your quit. But they do not have to roadblock your success…quitting and staying quit is still an achievable goal!